Review: Acceptance

“Black Lines to Battlefields”
(The Militia Group)

These guys have got a lot of Jimmy Eat World in them, minus the omnipresent melodies.  “Black Lines” is a little weird because it’s just seven tracks, which makes it either a long EP or a short LP.  Either way, it’s a pretty decent ride.  Boasting excellently poetic and introspective lyrics along with a healthy dose of understated guitars, the fivesome has pieced together a highly entertaining album that will fit in right next to your Juliana Theory and Further Seems Forever CDs.  You’ll like them, just like R. Kelly likes little girls.  Why am I always hating on that guy?  I should be more accepting, don’t you think?  Acceptance would accept him, I’m sure.  They’re good.  Check ’em out.  Enhanced CD, too.