Review: Academy

“Making it Personal”
(Milktree Records)

I’ve been eating a lot of shark lately.  My roommate caught one the other day and it’s all I’ve been eating.  He makes this thing called civeche or something like that.  I’m not Mexican, I don’t know how to spell it, but it’s good.  You eat the fish raw but it’s cooked with like limejuice.  What does this have to do with Academy’s new six-track EP?  I dunno, except that I just spilled a big blob of fish onto my keyboard, which is distracting me from the guitar-heavy punk coming out of my speakers.

Academy is from Oregon but they don’t sound emo at all, which I didn’t even know was possible/allowed.  They’re a straight ahead punk band without any trace of misplaced emotion or forced vocals.  They’re good.  You’ll like them if you’re into Good Riddance or any act heavy on the guitars with a penchant for catchy songs.