DVD Review: Bouncing Souls “Do You Remember”



Bouncing Souls
“Do You Remember”
(Chunksaah Records)

Remember Me Now (Fifteen Years of The Bouncing Souls) is by far, the most comprehensive documentary to every cross into my peripheral vision. Remarkably well edited, it includes but is not limited to old vhs and 8mm footage, old home movies (ex. Shal gives birth to Brian), show footage, cross-country tour footage etc. The documentary chronicles the dirtty jerzy punx as they staggered through the New Brunswick scene then fell face first into none stop touring which eventually manifested into a remarkable unit of rockers that are here to make you dance.

If you’ve never scene or heard the Bouncing Souls you know the raw emotion harnessed to help them produce a prolific powerful career. With the ability to get an entire club bouncing and dancing in seconds its no wonder that even when they sucked, heads showed up to party (or maybe that was the skate ramp in the house). The film captures the pure passion poured into that unique Souls sound. But never neglected to show the juvenile side that made them such a fun band.

For those of you who hard core fans you’ll find this DVD/CD package evening more appetizing. Not only does the DVD guide you through an intrinsically entertaining maze of beer drinking, toilet bowl heaving, skateboarding and reckless living and learning it comes with some videos. Since The Souls sent a big east coast fuck you to MTV so Souls videos are often unobtainable to some.