Review: The Black Halos

The Black Halos
““The Violent Years””
(Sub Pop Records)

“Hello, this is the ghost of Johnny Thunders.  I’’ve been dead for over a decade now, but it’s nice to see that the old punk rawk sound I helped to create is still alive and well.   Besides watching reruns of Friends I spend most of my days hanging out with Sid Viscous listening to “The Violent Years” by The Black Halos.  Oh man, let me tell you-they’re what I would have sounded like if I had more talent.  The Black Halos are totally glam, just like The Dead Boys and The New York Dolls.  The lead singer is this guy Billy Hopeless who wails with the best of them.  His gravely vocals are perfectly accompanied by the spastic riffs of Rich Jones and Jay Millette. Reminds me of the good old days at CBGB’s when me and the boys would go and jump around in our black leather and makeup and have a great time.  Don’t expect a bunch of thrash-punk here either-there’s plenty of Motley Crue and G ‘n R to go around.  “The Violent Years” is an enhanced CD, which means you can watch videos from their lives shows and stuff like that.  Well, I gotta go.  Sid and I are supposed to meet Joey Ramone for a couple of hands of canasta.”