Review: Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth conjure a sound somewhere between piano-heavy modern indie rock acts like Keane and the retro pop acts that fleshed out their sound with keyboards, steady drums, and funky basslines. The trio collectively known as Baby Teeth perfectly hammer a likeable marriage between these two time periods and this is best appreciated in the dead-on vocal harmonies and tweaked keyboards on songs like “Celebrity Wedding” and “Rock the Boat.” Adding to the mix, writer Pearly Sweets doesn’t shy away from a ballad-esque lyric style. Many of the songs have the lyrical potential to be considered on a similar level with the hit ballads of the 60s and 70s, but the closest cut on this record has to be the closer, “Dynamite Explodes.” Baby Teeth is best suited for fans of off-the-wall artists or throwback sounds to the decades of old.