Babymetal kick out new track, ‘Karate’


This is Babymetal.

Equal parts metal and… well… cute Japanese girls.

The band is comprised of Suzuka Nakamoto as “Su-metal”, Yui Mizuno as “Yuimetal”, and Moa Kikuchi as “Moametal”.

If this sounds like some guy at a Japanese record label did too much coke and combined his search engine with his sons concept of gothic american metal… that’s because that is most likely close to the truth of Babymetal.

The girls admittedly had no concept of the genre before their producer masterminded this unholy bastard.

Call it a gimmick, shtick, masterbatory fantasy… the band has managed to amass a large following since their debut album in Feb 2014.

Credit should go to the team who writes the actual music, because, it’s undoubtedly got some chops. The obvious make or break factor for this ‘band’ being the vocals. Between the language barrier… and just the sheer lunacy of having three lolita-like Japanese girls fronting a metal band… the end result is as unusual and often awkward as one might expect.

In their concerts, Babymetal are accompanied by a backing band. Originally, a pretend band called “Babybone”, dressed in black-and-white skeleton outfits, mimed playing instruments to playback. From mid-2012, a live band called Kami Band (also known as ‘Full Metal Band’ or the ‘Gods of Metal’) progressively took over accompaniment duties and now perform all music live at every concert.

Actually a pretty competent metal band… no… seriously…

But let’s be real… we know why you clicked this link in the first place….




Oh yeah… we said something about a new song…

The band is preparing to release it’s second album, “Metal Resistance”, which will drop on April 1, 2016 via RAL/Sony Music Entertainment in the U.S. and earMUSIC in Europe.

The advance single is called, ‘Karate’ and it’s… ahh… definitely Babymetal. I’m so confused. But as mentioned previously, the song has some meaty chops for the girls to sprinkle their glittery voices all over.

And here is what put them on the map… almost 25 million views. That’s insane.