Review: Atmosphere “7evens Travels”

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“7evens Travels”

A new label. A new sound. Atmosphere signed to Epitaph to reach out to their supposed core audience and made probably the biggest mistake they could have made. People admire groups when they can change their sound and still put out quality music. Atmosphere tried to do that and failed with 7evens Travels. God loves Ugly came extremely close to throwing Atmosphere into the mainstream mix. They were so close Slug could probably smell the MTV Music Video awards catered food and contracts with Target. The organic piano sounds and precision bass lines present on the Lucy Ford EP are nowhere to be found with the new album. Slug (the only member of Atmosphere that most people know about) sounds like hes trying to be angry on some tracks and extremely happy on the next. I truly believe Slug does not know where he wants to go with 7evens Travels and his lyrics do not have that sharpness and conviction t! hat he had on the classic Overcast album. For true Atmosphere followers this is without a doubt a disappointment. Ant and Mr. Dibbs layed down some flat out ridiculously poppy beats that true fans would definitely not affiliate Atmosphere with. Maybe Slug is just fed up with people saying if Eminem wasnt around that he would be the man. Maybe its just a bad album and Atmosphere will regroup on the next one. Either way you put it 7evens Travels is far from memorable. Only about three tracks are even worth listening to. It is a sad thing when you get to the last song on an album and remember the great sound a group used to have.