Review: Ann Beretta

Ann Beretta
““New Union… Old Glory””
(Lookout! Records)

It’s anthemic working class songs for the down trodden who still insist on getting back up even after the 100th kick down.  The songs are good if formulaic.  Take Op. Ivy, Bruce Springsteen and a touch of Social D., blend on high and you’ll more or less wind up with Ann Beretta.  The band uses the chorus to their advantage, combining shout along lyrics with jump up and down like a goon with your fist in the air beats.  The guitar rocks out in folksy faux punk style while the vocals sound out emotionally from a throat that sounds smoke filled and alcohol fueled.  That’s more or less describes what I hear, but it doesn’’t necessarily account for my actual feelings.  I have a lot of music thrown at me by the tyrannical editor/overlord of Modern Fix.  Some of the music is used as punishment for not meeting deadlines.  Just last week I was forced to review 24 straight hours of Linkin Park bootleg discs.  Does that give you an idea?  I doubt it.  You just have no fucking idea!  I live in abject terror.  My days are spent in a cold fearful sweat, clutching rosary beads and praying to Mary Holy Mother of God that I just be left alone and never have to review anymore rap metal forever and ever, amen!  So, sometimes I don’t know if I like an album or if I like it because it just seems so damn familiar, so damn much like other bands that I already vaguely enjoy.  You know what I mean?  Doesn’’t the Big N’ Tasty seem an awful lot like the Whopper?