Angelspit on tour with Gothsicles


This is Zoog Von Rock.

He is the mastermind and driving force behind Angelspit.

Along with guitarist George Bikos and an array of musical, visual and video artists… the end result is an aggressive aggro-synth driven tech romp that crunches like cheap meth on the glass mirror of pop.

It’s got all the visual goth trappings without the all the worthless self-loathing.

KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Lords of Acid… all bands Angelspit has fittingly shared stages with and makes a good sonic comparison for the unfamiliar.

A band like Angelspit is working on more than one level.

This promotional video for their last album, “The Product” not only gives a peek into the music, but has Zoog Von Rock explaining some of the concepts of the album and the extensive recording process it took to develop the record.

This is a bit older, but a crunchy solid track…

You can steam a lot of their music on their Angelspit site.

This May, They are on tour with The Gothcicles. Some of it reminds of Adam and his Package, some of it reminds me of a Nintendo that got molested by a bubblegum machine.

Here is a track that is better if you don’t watch the video. But not much…

May is the month if you want to catch this bill. Should be interesting…


May 21 The Shrunken Head Columbus, OH

May 22 The Trocadero Philadelphia, PA

May 23 Basement Transmissions Erie, PA

May 24 Small’s Hamtramck, MI

May 25 Crack Fox St Louis, MO

May 26 Riot Room Kansas City, MO

May 27 THE THRONE ROOM Chicago, IL

May 29 Fastbacks Brook Park, OH

May 30 SLATE New York, NY

May 31 Fuze Box Albany, NY