Review” All or Nothing H.C.

All or Nothing H.C.
““Sacrifice, Discipline, Bliss””
(On the Rag)

Straight forward, vintage punk rock. Think that standard three-chord, trite, abrasive punky sound you have grown to love, mix in some “woman” vocals (woman rather than girl because when one says girl “Bikini Kill” might come to mind, woman is more like Celine Dion without the training and high notes), toss a little “anti-society” in there and we got “All or Nothing”.  Nothing you haven’’t heard before. this is something your uncle would get into to try to make himself feel younger and hip.
Uncle: “hey buddy, the All or Nothing really rocks my butt, huh?”
You: “sure dude”
Uncle: “yeah, it’s bitchin’ that woman singing really rocks your little butt huh?
You: “She sounds like Celine Dion without the vocal training and high notes”
Uncle: “uh huh, rock little buddy. does your girlfriend have any cute friends that like older guys that still live with their parents and dig Rancheros?”
You: “no”