Review: Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front
“Another Voice”
(Nuclear Blast)

First off, it’s really fucking cheesy to dub this album Another Voice, what with 1992’s One Voice being perhaps the pinnacle of tough guy New York hardcore. AF is kinda setting themselves up to some lofty aspirations here, but I suppose nothing could be worse than their past two or three albums. Thankfully Roger, Vinnie, and the crew have abandoned their street-punk disguises for the kind of hardcore that put them on the map in the first place. As always, a steady stream of younger (and, let’s face it, fresher) guests come barreling through the studio doors for this one, most notably the singers from Earth Crisis, Terror, and Hatebreed. Also, the production enigma Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Sworn Enemy) is here to add to bulk to the brawn. And while Agnostic Front will never get any younger (ahem, we’re talking the original members here, not the new recruits), they still know how thrash and brawl like the best/worst of them.