Review: Acid Ape

Acid Ape
(Lunasound Records)

Acid Ape huh, upon looking at that name and the logo and the CD contents, I really did think these guys were on acid while creating this album. Then I found out that Acid Ape is a Swedish band and everything came together and became clear. Because, Swedish bands are just weird or maybe they just have weird names for everything like their band name and songs. Such song titles are “Anorexia Nervosa” or “X-Leg” which is a good track along with track number 3 “Walter”.

But I think that “Axle Grease” takes the cake in unusual track names. Anyway, “Fleshspa” is Acid Ape’s debut album and isn’t all that bad. Any fans of The Melvins, Unsane, or Jesus Lizard should enjoy the heavy activity coming out of their speakers from Acid Ape. So enjoy these damn good Swedish rockers. Or just pray they change their name.