Interview: Bouncing Souls

(this interview originally appeared in Modern Fix Magazine in 2002).

– interview by eric


So you’ve got a DVD coming out.
Greg: It’s a full story of the Bouncing Souls, with interviews, past footage, photographs, studio footage and just hours of stuff.

How long did it take to make this DVD?
Greg: I’ve had this massive collection of video’s that we’ve either made or been given to by others, and yeah, now we have it on a DVD.

When is it coming out?
Bryan: January (actually, 02.11.03)


Is it two or one?
Greg: Two, off of Chunksaah.

I heard that Bouncing Souls suck sober.
Greg: Really, like, if they’re (the fans) sober it sucks or if we are?

Probably referring to the band being sober.
Bryan: I don’t think that’s true. For every member it’s different. There was a time that we were always drunk when we got onstage.
Greg: I’ve watched those tapes, and we sucked. Nothing really professional about that.
Bryan: We’re professionals at having a good time.

Like Andrew W.K.?

Mike: Yeah
Bryan: I’ve seen him live, which is cool, but I thought the album was.. (shrugs his shoulders)

I saw your video on Much Music a while back; Do you guys care?
Greg: When did you see it? Which one?

Man, I don’t even know. I think it was the BMX song.
Bryan: That’s cool that they play it, but yeah, we aren’t really concerned about videos.

Where did the idea for “Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)” come from?

Bryan: That was based on our friendship with Kara, who lives out of here actually.
Michael: LA.
Bryan: Yeah, and we wanted to do a duet, her and the band. We were thinking of doing “Don’t You Want Me Baby” by the Human League, but eventually we wrote a song.

Loved the live version, which I saw a few years back at Soma here in San Diego.

Bryan: Actually, there was only one other time we performed that live.
Greg: That version is on the DVD by the way

And then we went inside for the Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag / Wanted Dead / The Code show inside ‘Canes (San Diego, CA). Too bad my camera was being lame, because it was probably the best Bouncing Souls show that I’ve seen (of five). They (Anti-Flag and Bouncing Souls) even finished off the night sharing the stage together for a few songs. It was rad. Speaking of rad, the DVD will be out off Chunksaah ( and although I haven’t seen it (waiting for the Beta version) I know anybody with love for the Souls will be satisfied.

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