Interview: Light The Fuse And Run

LIGHT THE FUSE AND RUN – interview by pr!



When the album by Light the Fuse and Run came in, I was immediatly drawn to it due to it’s album name, “All Your Base Are Belong to Us”, something taken from an old video game called Zero Wing. See, ZW was translated poorly, hence the broken English. This started an internet craze (something we covered almost two years ago) so yeah, I pulled the CD out because of that. Much to my suprise, this album is quite good. LTFAR is a great example of how the Richmond, VA scene is already bored of the indie(core) sound and just making thick rock. I grabbed Chris before a practice session…

PR: What is your bands history? Howd you get started?
Chris: We all played in other bands around the area. One of us was in a band called Churl, a band call Tristate Killing Spree, and a band called Flesh Eating Greek. All local bands.

Are you familiar with the whole Strike Anywhere scene?
Yeah, those guys are a terrific band.

Yeah, we put them on our cover (pat, pat)
You know, i think i saw that. I saw it in Berkley, when we were on tour.

How long have you been together?
This next week will be our 2nd year anniversy.

So, was “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” your first release? Any EP’s or splits?
Actually, we had a few demo’s, but yeah, that’s our first release.

Who thought of the band name?
Our guitar player did.

Any particular reason?
We like fire crackers. We thought it sounded cool. It really doesnt get any deeper then that.

Who thought of the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” name title?
Mike and Evan.

How do you explain your style of music to someone who isn’t knowledgable about the ‘scene’?
In that kind of situation, like at Thanksgiving or something, i just say i’m in a punk rock band. They probably think i’m in a Blink-182 band.

Anything coming up? Tours?
In 2003, we want to come to the USA for a while and tour with some friends of ours, in a band called Transistor, Transistor. We also have an EP coming out on Golden Brown records, and are also having a split on Level Plane Records. In the far future, we’re going to do a split with Transistor, Transistor.

Check these guys out on tour, or go to their website at Everyone has a website now, don’t they?