Tribal People Try and React to Eating American Food

Tribal People Try and React to Eating American Food – from McDonalds to Pop Rocks!

Tribal People Try and React to Eating American Food

There is a great YouTube channel called, “Tribal People Try…”, which features, obviously, people from remote areas of the world, in this case, mostly Pakistan, react to trying different American foods to see their reactions.

While the videos come with the expected joy of watching someone discovering new treats for the first time, what begins to translate across the cultural divide is how appreciative these people are of the experience. There is a gentle, humble, thankful vibe to all these videos that highlights our similarities as people, despite cultural differences.

I think these videos do more to bridge that gap than most ‘political’ efforts.

This is most evidenced by the avalanche of positivity you see in the comment sections. YouTube is NOTORIOUSLY toxic in the garbage people will leave under videos. But these are surprisingly upbeat, with a lot of love and compassion flowing from the viewers. There is even a ‘comment reaction video’ (included below), where the producers read the comments that have been left under their videos back to the participants. They seem to appreciate the love, and in return, offer much back.

In America, we don’t get a lot of positive depictions of people from the Middle East. There are some HUGE cultural differences (especially concerning women and religion’s role in society) that throw up a lot of barriers to mutual understanding and acceptance. But I have to believe, most people on both sides just wants to be happy, hang with their friends, and have a damn cheeseburger.

Imagine the delight of someone who’s never had a McDonald’s burger before, or the surprise of someone tasting Pop Rocks for the first time. Now, pair that with the heartening vibe that these people give off — a sort of gentle, humble gratitude — and you’ve got yourself a wholesome cross-cultural experience unlike any other. In a world full of conflict and misunderstanding, these videos serve as a beautiful reminder of our shared human experience, bringing people closer together through the universal language of food.

Watch their priceless reactions as tribal people react to food we eat everyday… such as trying McDonalds for the first time:

Tribal people try Dunkin’ Donuts for the first time:

Tribal people try Pop Rocks for the first time (strawberry AND watermelon):

Tribal people try Pizza Hut for the first time:

They even had tribal people try Super Mario Brothers! It went over about as well as you’d expect, but there were a few smiles.

The best part? The love doesn’t stop with the videos. Go check out the comment sections (yeah, we know, the YouTube comment section can be a scary place). But not here! The positivity radiating from the viewers is overwhelming. It’s a rare sight on the internet to see such love and compassion flowing freely, and it’s seriously heartwarming.

There’s even a ‘comment reaction video’ where the producers read out the flood of positive comments to the participants, who in return seem truly touched and appreciative of the love. It’s a heartfelt loop of good vibes that’s seriously addictive.

Sure, there are some big cultural differences between us and our friends from the Middle East. From religious norms to societal roles, there’s a lot that can sometimes make understanding each other a tad tricky. But guess what? At the end of the day, we’re all just humans looking for happiness, a good time with friends, and a satisfying bite to eat.

And it’s not just about American food. The channel isn’t just limited to the US/tribal people dynamic. It’s got a global reach, with other videos showcasing the participants trying delicacies from all corners of the world. So, whatever your cultural background, there’s something for you to enjoy and learn from.

In a world where the internet often seems like a cesspool of negativity, “Tribal People Try…” is a welcome oasis of positivity. Watching these videos and the reactions they garner from viewers all over the world, you can’t help but feel a little spark of hope for humanity. The tribal folks who’ve participated seem truly delighted by the reactions they’ve received. And hey, wouldn’t you be too?

These videos are more than just entertainment; they’re about understanding and connection. They serve as a fantastic reminder that despite all our differences, we’re all just people, sharing in the simple joy of life and food. So, grab your favorite snack, tune in to “Tribal People Try…”, and embark on a culinary journey that’ll bring a smile to your face and warm your heart!