Watch what this guy builds with old skateboards


This is Nick Pourfard.

He is a luthier…or someone who makes stringed instruments, in this case, guitars.

Out of old skateboard decks.


Nick is a self-taught woodworker and industrial design student based out of San Francisco, CA.

All guitars are built using the wood from broken and used skateboards.

Prisma Guitars are all 100% handmade and the colors are completely one-of-a-kind for every build.


guitars guitars2

Check the video for the complete process.

That video doesn’t do justice to the time-intensive attention to detail through which these guitars are subjected.

Check out how much effort goes into a single knob on the guitar…

I didn’t have any skateboards lying around… so I stole my neighbors surfboard, but then my guitar came out all fucked up silly.