The Foo Fighters made a horror movie!


These are the Foo Fighters. I am sure you’ve already been introduced.

Gaze into the eyes of marijuana horror.

They consistently crank out some of the best music. Dave Grohl has become the unofficial ambassador for rock and roll, and I’m completely OK with that.

To mark their 10th (!) studio album… the band has gone so far past cool… they have soared into epic legendary status.

They made a horror movie. Because of course they did. And it’s called, “Studio 666”, because of course it is.

The band has hinted at their ‘acting’ chops throughout numerous videos, often leaning into their built in, rock and roll soaked sense of humor. The next level was obviously a full length motion picture.

What could be considered career suicide for most bands, looks to be the best movie of 2022 for certain. I predict it will go on to take its place amongst some of the most acclaimed rock themed horror/comedy movies ever made.

Equal parts Spinal Tap. Trick or Treat, Exorcist, and any slasher flick from the 80’s Grohl and company seem to straddle the line between cheeky, in-the-loop rock humor and straight up horror romp… while always keeping the fun factor at 10.

Check the trailer and tell me this doesn’t look like the best thing that’s happened… ever!

In case you can’t watch the video, but are wondering what the basic plot is: Foo Fighters move into an evil, haunted mansion to record their 10th album. Dave Grohl gets possessed. Bad things happen. Equal parts comedy and horror.

It looks absolutely perfect.

The world needs more rock and roll. The world needs more laughter. And getting just a little freaked out once in awhile is good for the psyche.

The guy was in Nirvana. Topped it off with the Foo Fighters. And now… this.

Dave Grohl just broke the cool meter completely.