DVD Review: Reno 911 “The Complete First Season”


Reno 911
“The Complete First Season”
(Comedy Central)

For the few things Comedy Central does wrong (Let’s Bowl, replacing the SNL reruns with MadTV reruns, etc)… lately, things have gone right, thanks to Dave Chappelle, The Daily Show and Reno 911, the latter of which is the funniest non-cartoon television series I’ve seen since, oh, Chris Elliot’s Get A Life. No, fuck it, it’s funnier then that. If you’re too poor for cable, the basic ‘premise’ is that it’s a reality cop drama (ala Cops) following around seven police officers in Reno, Nevada. All the usual stereotypes are here (gay guy, black guy, weasel racist guy, whore, etc) which makes for fun writing, played by a brilliant cast of fresh and seasoned actors/comedians. I especially enjoy the cameos (usually played as criminals) by other comic’s in various episodes (Nick Swardson, Ken Marino, etc) but I won’t spoil the actual plotlines, so just go buy this DVD and fill yourself in quickly, as season two has just begun. Also on this first season DVD are extra/cut scenes, which were amusing, as well as audio commentary… something I really didn’t fully explore because, well, I’m just not that much of a dork, you know?