Phish melt minds live with amazing flying sea-life!

This group of dudes who look like they golf with your dad is Phish.


Somehow… they more or less filled the slot left by The Grateful Dead. And while their noodling, meandering, neutered style of hippie-ness does jibe with the Dead, musically… it’s not on the same level. So while by all definitions they are ‘successful’ and Phish fans REALLY seem to like themselves some PHISH, these ears have always gave this band a hard pass.

But I will give them MAD respect for up-ing their live game by bringing something totally unique to the arena show setting. While this may not be the first time this kind of thing has been displayed… it’s the first time I’ve seen it and it’s impressive as hell.

It’s basically a couple of drones attached some to fancy balloons… but the effect is mesmerizing. Knowing the likely-hood that a large percentage of the people watching this live were on hallucinogens… I can only imagine the mental meltdowns this caused.

The sheer scale of these operating in the more than abundant ceiling space of the open arena is visually stunning. I’m exited to see other artists and creative people take this idea in new directions.