F**k your drone – Skywall 100 claims to protect the skies


This is the Skywall 100 developed by British based OpenWorks.

In addition to being a bad-ass deterrent against… well… anything you point it at… it also uses compressed gas to fire a rocket and net to ensnare drones, then bring them safely back down to earth via parachute.

The falling cost of the remote powered drone has given rise to the number of incidents where stupid humans fly them where they know damn well they shouldn’t.


And then you have geniuses like this douche-canoe who thought attaching a gun to a drone would be a good idea…

We have all seen what a wall of anonymity will do to lower the bar of human worthlessness (witness any online comments section, and much of that has a name attached!), so I shudder to ponder what kind of horrors could be unleashed with this tech in the wrong hands.

While not a complete deterrent, the Skywall 100 offers an additional tool in the anti-drone arsenal.

It deploys the net just as it’s within catching distance of the target and can capture unmanned drones from up to 330 feet away. The net has a parachute that opens and brings the drone down safely. The aiming system uses a laser range finder and an inertial measurement unit and the system handles all the calculations electronically.

Here is the Skywall 100 in action:

The company claims, ‘portable’ (depending who is carrying it) and ‘cost effective’ (debatable). Having a unit that needs a human operator that fires rocket charged nets that most likely cost more than the drone it is taking down could add up to a sizable budget.

Personally, I think the fellas in Denmark have a better solution.

All public safety issues aside… this does look fun as hell. I also wonder why we just don’t use these instead of soldiers? We’ve got a LEGION of gamers in this country that could joy-stick some terrorist ass right into oblivion.