Ants VS Chili Sauce – you will NOT guess what happens next

This handsome fellow is an Ant.

AntHead 1

Science Time: Ants are Omnivorous. Bad ass band name (some unit in Jakarta, Indonesia already beat ya to it buddy). It also means Ants can and will eat anything they can find. Like the stoned frat boys that they are, they stumble out into the world and pillage the village for whatever is up for the taking. Then they haul it all back to their tunnels like hoarders and then… do other ant things.

We all know they like sweets. But they are programmed to also eat decaying and dead sources of protein. Y’know… the recently deceased. Yummers.

But apparently their MOST important edible comes in the form of the romantic sounding ‘Honeydew‘. The liquid is essential to the ants as it is fed to the ant larvae to create the future colony. So what exactly IS Honeydew?

Because ‘Aphid Squirts’ just didn’t have the same ring to it.

“Honeydew is a sugar-rich sticky liquid, secreted by aphids and some scale insects as they feed on plant sap. When their mouthpart penetrates the phloem, the sugary, high-pressure liquid is forced out of the anus of the aphid.

So yeah, while Ants are out cruising around messing up your picnic… what they are REALLY after, is some of that sweet n sexy aphid anus juice.

Ants are fucked up.

But so are people. Because some sociopath with too much time on his hands wondered what would happen if he laid out some hot chili sauce for his neighborhood Ants.

Try and guess what happens. You will be wrong.

But it’s crazy interesting…


Antmeme 1