Band Profile: Speedwolf


This is Speedwolf.

They are the Denver, CO answer to Motorhead.

The band specializes in blazing, machine-gun riffage backed by the gutteral howls of Reed Brummel.

They list their influences as: 1971-1984.

Speedwolf are classic speedmetal. Bikers on meth. Patches display allegiances. Liberal doses of alcohol. Hell… liberal doses of anything.

Speedwolf will consume it all and puke up some of the best and most pure, punked out, fast as hell, rock n roll the states have to offer.

They have two releases under their belt, their first self-financed demo, “Bark at the Poon” along with their full-length, “Ride With Death” (Hell’s Headbangers Records).

Speedwolf are the love child of Motorhead and Danzig after they had a three-way with Venom. Yeah… it’s that sick.


“Speedwolf” (one of the few songs to have any ‘build up’… most just crash in going 200 mph out the gate, this one takes a full minute before jacking it up). “Speed with the wolf… into the night… Speed with the wolf… alllllright.”

“I Am The Demon” (if you love Motorhead, you will love this)

“Denver 666” (released as a single)

“Up All Night” (Also released on a split with Kentucky based band, Hookers)


“Ride With Death”

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