Band Profile: Rotting Out


This is Rotting Out.

The singer is this crazy person.


That’s Walter Delgado.

He used to be their bass player but moved to vocal duties in 2011 with the release of their album, “Street Prowl”.

The band hails from the San Pedro valley area of Los Angeles.

The members of the band are of Latino decent and are the spiritual successors to fellow Los Angeles unit Suicidal Tendencies.

This is fast paced, street bred, skate punk reminiscent of that 80’s thrash hybrid, but with a modern edge.

Noisey did a great mini-doc on these guys, riding along for their first gig south of the border.

And ‘poof’… they just broke up in March of 2015.

But you know… temperamental punks… a reunion could happen.

Some choice Rotting Out tracks: