Band Profile: Crobot


This is Crobot.

They are from Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

I’ll give you a second to make appropriate stoner jokes…

Self described as, “Dirty. Groove. Rock.”

All accurate adjectives. Toss in words like, bluesy, soulful, greasy, passionate, sassy, balls-out-rock-and-roll… and perhaps you are starting to get the idea.

Big deep cuts of rock, dripping with the heavy, soulful howl of Brandon Yeagley.


The band has toured with Chevelle, Clutch, and The Sword and reviewers like to drop in them in the same sonic category as Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age.


The bands first release was, “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer” in 2012. Witness the live version to understand the ferocity Crobot brings to the stage.

That title track would end up making its way as the opening track on their followup, “Something Supernatural” (Wind-up Records) in 2014.


The album spawned the walking dead filled video for, “Nowhere to Hide”, which seems an appropriate setting for this bands grimy backwoods, swamp-boogie rock.

Check, “Cloud Spiller”, another greasy good jam from the the “Something Supernatural” album…

When you look like this live… is there ANY doubt this band competently carries the torch of “rock”.


Here is a stripped down acoustic session of Crobot. One can really hear singer Yeagley’s talent as his wolf howl is tamed into a fluid stream of bluesy soul-drenched deliveries.