Band Profile: Birdeatsbaby

This is Birdeatsbaby.


When a band has a name like Birdeatsbaby, you gotta click on that listen, right? Right.

So what kind of band chooses such a unique moniker to represent their music? A bunch of English progressive dark goths with some serious hang-ups on the religious iconography. Musically, it’s rather unique. Swirling and layered, complex and exotic, heavy yet extremely melodic. Their songs are crafted in aether then stitched together with some kind of blood ritual. Check out their video for “Painkiller”. It’s so damn good I can forgive them for not knowing that Judas Priest has an album and single with that same name.

That song is from their last album, “The World Conspires” (Dr. Music Records). Their videos on Youtube are generally in the thousands… meaning… this is one of those bands that is so ridiculously talented, you wonder why they haven’t blown up bigger.

The band hails from Brighton, UK. Formed in 2008, their particular sub-genre label is ‘dark cabaret’. Yeah, I never heard of that either, but if Birdeatsbaby are prime examples, it seems there is something wicked brewing in that scene.

While there have been some member changes in their decade plus career, the undeniable presence that lifts Birdeatsbaby into the stormy clouds above is singer (and piano) Mishkin Fitzgerald. She’s fiery and smooth, like satin sheets after hot sex. It’s hard not to feel some sort of seductive vibe when riding the curls and waves of a Birdeatsbaby song.


“Box of Razorblades” is another track from that 2019 album. This song sweetens up the sound and embraces an almost pop quality for the chorus. Birdeatsbaby like to construct their songs in a grand, theatric sort of way. So that ‘dark cabaret’ label does seem accurate.

The band has a solid back catalog not to mention a lot of solo material from Mishkin and other band members. Their cover art is as visual as their music. Visceral and challenging.

2019 – The World Conspires
2014 – The Bullet Within
2012 – Feast of Hammers
2009 – Here She Comes-a-tumblin’


Digging into their back catalog, their debut album has a song called, “The Trouble” that features a much more orchestrated, mad carnival vibe. Again, highlighted by the angelic soaring vocals of Mishkin.

You can check their official site for tour dates at:

And one more solid track for the road, because Birdeatsbaby is a multi-tiered musical extravaganza with a crazy wide range in their sound and approaches to songs. “Temple” features a crawling drum line fighting with a stomping tempo and tense melodies.





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