Band Profile: Code Orange

This is Code Orange.


As of 2017, the band has three albums under its belt.

Originally called, Code Orange Kids, the shortened band name appeared on the second release, “I Am King” and along with their debut, “Love Is Love/Return to Dust”, the band found a home at Deathwish Records.

codeOiamking 2

The third album, “Forever” came out in 2017 on Roadrunner Records.


By genre, they fall into the ‘metallic hardcore’ range of sonic assault, but if one peels back the staple screams and chunked out breakdowns, the unexpected abuse of song structure and pummeling intensity can be easily burned into the psyche. Risks are taken, enemies challenged, and battles are decisively won as Code Orange rakes their songs through a filter of angst and clever production approaches.

This is well on display with the title track from their latest album, ‘Forever’.

Three members are credited with vocals, but it depends on which track you are listening to as to which one is featured. Reba Myers (who started on bass before transferring to guitars before the band started releasing full length albums) occasionally steps up and offers a slightly softened edge to the otherwise consistently abrasive vocal presence. The band is a stronger unit for allowing the various members to control the ship, resulting in a wider range of sound within a genre that is typically held-back within its own ‘rules’.

Witness the effect of, ‘Bleeding in the Blur’.

Working backwards, “I Am King” is the title track from the bands second album. Broken and industrial, the onslaught is caustic and filled with intentional bruises.

Their debut as Code Orange Kids, “Love Is Love/Return to Dust” was filled with grumbly bass, stomping over-powered guitars, and again, gutteral intensity aimed for the heart.

Check out ‘Flowermouth (The Leech)’. One can taste the subtle indie rock that bleeds in underneath all the metalcore.

To get more Code Orange check their page: Official Code Orange website