Review: Amazing Device

Amazing Device
“The Quiet Room”
(Tribunal Records)

The only thing remarkable about Amazing Device’s recent formal debut, “The Quiet Room,” is
that it’s not on a major label. The nine songs found on “Quiet Room”–most of which are reworked versions of the band’s earlier demo recordings–pleasantly juxtapose the warm and endearing melodies of Incubus and Eve 6 with more abrasive, emo-tinged elements a la Far, Failure and even Glassjaw. Interestingly enough, while the band has slowly progressed into more Hoobastankesque territory over the years, the album’s lone new recording is far and away the group’s most frenzied and punk-influenced number to date.

The track, “Secret,” features an impressive guest appearance from Lost Prophets vocalist, Ian Watkins. Radio rock ballads about being quiet (“Speak Up”) and abused friends (“Secret”) are as poignant and well-crafted as front man Aaron Wilson’s emphatic croon is sweeping. “Quiet Room” is definitely a must-have record for any fan of hook-laden, pop-driven emotional rock music.