Review: Black



Platform: Xbox
Developer: Criterion
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1

For FPS and Black Op-type games, this is your candy, your treat for sweating out those difficult games. BLACK is probably one of the most straight up fun, best looking Xbox games I’ve played in a while. There is little story… you are Keller, member of the elite and highly classified BLACK military force. From there, it’s pretty much just blowing the shit out of everything, in an explosive, Rambo meets Commando way. Trucks explode in huge, gorgous fireballs (especially in HDTV). Windows shatter, bullets zing by your head as you run around like it’s Quake… and thankfully, dead enemies leave enough ammo so you can pretty much never let up on the trigger. There isnt that much else to this game, so if you’re looking for the Burnout of FPS’s, look no further.