Review: Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2

Platform: PC
Developer: Digital Illusions
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 + Online Multiplayer


Yes, this really is a review of a game that was released in July. I’ve spent the last few months carefully playing, err, testing this FPS war title. Lots and lots of testing. So many hours, in fact, that this reviewers heroin-sized addiction to Counter-Strike has not only subscided, but dissapeared all together. Six years of gaming, thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay, stopped cold. And why? Battlefield 2 is currently the single best FPS you can play on the PC, period. Talk all you want about the rest, but that’s what they are; palty shambles of code stiched together for mediocore gameplay and pointy pologons. You can stop and just go buy this game, or read on.

Battlefield 2 (BF2) starts off where it’s predisessor, Battlefield 1942, left off. Actually, Battlefield Vietnam was after BF1942, but that title wasnt nearly as popular (or good). While a single player mode is included, BF2 is all about multi-player combat, huge (up to) 64 person wars that take 5 to 25 minutes (or more!) to finish. The era set in BF2 is modern, and scrimishes are between two of the following countries; American, Chinese or the Middle East Coalition. All of the hand combat weapons are here, including tanks, helicopters and jets. As a player, you can be one of six different types of soldier (medic, sniper, engineer, etc), and each has a unique roll in gameplay. Once on a server, you can wander alone, Mad Max style, or team up with six other teammates in a squads. Or, for the dorky RTS inside you, each side has a single position of commander, which takes a top-down view at the entire map and directs troops, supplies and air strikes at will.

Overall, the gameplay, teamplay and global stats (and awards / medals, which are given during play and after) as well as the graphics, make this one awesome FPS.

The graphics, you ask? Oh, they are excellent and top of the line, but be prepared to upgrade your PC. See this background? While that is an actual screenshot of battle (like the others), that only looks that nice on a high end PC with a $250+ graphics card. Mine only cost $125. Sigh.