Revolutionary ‘honey on tap’ design is bee friendly


This is the Flow Hive.

It is a revolutionary bee hive design.

In case you haven’t heard, the bees have been in decline… and if the bees go… we go.

So anything that is ‘pro-bee’ is a good thing. Understand?

Australian father and son inventors observed the honey harvesting process… particularly the part that basically destroys the hive and can stress and kill some bees with the manipulation of the large frames, and knew there must be a better way.

Their solution is the Flow Hive.


They recently wrapped up a highly successful crowd-funding campaign and are taking pre-orders on their official site.

Here is an informative video that explains the design and shows how the honey is harvested.

There are some that are wary of the hype. Concerns over plastics used and the ‘purity’ of bee keeping seem to top the complaint list. And while the hive doesn’t directly address the bee population decline… the inventors are hoping their Flow Hive will spur more bee keeping, which will increase populations and general awareness of their importance in our ecosystems.

Plus wild, honey orgies will now be affordable to the common man. Sticky… sticky… honey orgies. Yeah… I went there with it.

Nasty and sexy are often the same thing.