Drill Powered Walking Machine


This is a walking machine powered by nothing more than an electric drill and some mad genius.

Check the video below for a detailed build on how this creature came about.

The creator goes by the name of Izzy Swan, which is way cooler than my, yours, or anybody else’s name.

Izzy is inspired by Theo Jansen, who builds wind-powered kinetic scultpures that prowl the Netherland beaches.


However, Izzy prefers his machines, ‘drill powered’.

One would think putting such a large workload on such a power tool would burn it right out, and maybe it does…. or maybe Izzy just re-designed our concept of powered locomotion.

Here’s how it was done…

Izzy Swan is a crafty fellow and has already a small internet buzz over one of his previous creations… the all-in-one fold-out table and chairs (not powered by a drill).