Review: Sushirobo

“The Light-Fingered Feeling Of”
(Pattern 25 Records)

Clever and hip indie rock boasting strong elements across the board and spicing it all up with interesting electronic bits. Challenging structures. Wobbly guitar hooks with melody. Unexpected sonics blend against the intelligently fluid bass lines that bless the music with a ‘need-to-listen-to’ charm. Lyrically, all sorts of clearly painted imagery abounds with repeated vocals lines to give the impression that there is some smartened up mischief in these words. See how “Flush with the rush” lyrically pulls the listener in, same with the track “Last Call”.

The bass lines are so commanding in these songs, I must mention them again. The Dismemberment Plan knew the power of a strong indie-rock bass line and that lesson is embraced fully by Sushirobo. While all the added bleeps and blips give the standard rock band formula a higher level of sophistication, this use of electronic elements just puts a futuristic, cosmic sheen on what would otherwise be thoughtful, accomplished indie rock. While mostly up-tempo numbers, some spacey mood music glides by on a few tracks (again, check out them smooth ass bass lines).

It’s just the sheer, undeniable level of talent that oozes forth on all levels of Sushirobo that makes them so very worth your time. Even if their name is kinda ridiculous.