Review: Six Reasons To Kill

Six Reasons To Kill
““Kiss The Demon””
(Alveran Recordings)

Extreme metal.  Demonic vocals and more guitar crunch than you are worthy of.  Sinister vibes spew from Six Reasons To Kill.  Solid in its regurgitation of the style, Six Reasons To Kill stand on their own mostly in the juicy guitar breakdowns and sludgy tempos that grind away the layers of resistance.  “Inside My Shell” heightens the uncomfortable vibe with these wammy-bar wah’’d sounds that rise in pitch and add on off-time texture.  Vocals are cookie-monster tuff, or lacking in any real talent but that’s never stopped bands like SRTK before.  The double tracking (or duel vocals) of the “rowwwwwrl” on “As The Earth Sleeps” sounds like something is trying to crawl from this dude’s throat after a week of binge drinking and cheap Mexican food.  Worth it for the riff meister guitar lover who doesn’’t mind not understanding the vocals even with a lyric sheet.  The guitars are beefy thick with a percussionist that also excels so appreciate the musicianship where it lies.