Review: Pavement

“Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA’s Desert Origins”

If Matador Records plans on reissuing every Pavement album upon its tenth anniversary, I would be more than happy to perform fellatio on all of the appealing & “clean” female employees of the Beggars Group. Individually of course – simultaneously just has too much of that “porno vibe” to it. Much like last year’s reissue of “Slanted And Enchanted” this reissue of “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” is jam packed with lots of extras and goodies. The most appealing part of this double-disc of a good time is the fact that there’s a whole motherfucking album’s worth of material that hasn’t been released until now! Even if you’re a collector that endlessly scoured every record store from here to New Zealand in search of singles and EPs, which Pavement released during the “Crooked Rain” years, this reissue will leave even the most devout fan of Pavement in a state of catatonic joy. Also included is a forty-page booklet about the album and the band that recorded it. In other words: if you have a son or daughter that are diehard fans of Pavement – this is a gift to give to them, cuz it’s the gift that keeps on giving.