Review: No Knife

No Knife
““Fire In The City Of Automatons””
(TimeBomb Recordings)

Squeaky-clean and razor sharp indie rock with a penchant for the quick tight break.  Guitar pushed, but not dominating with an aggressive crush, more like coaxing with spiky wit.  The opening track “Academy Flight Song” hits with a bouncy punch and fluid bass movement playing around the guitars.  Interesting and attention grabbing.  Sharing the musical spectrum with Sunny Day Real Estate (whom they are on currently touring with), Hum and Jawbox does lend a certain amount of predictability, but No Knife displays adequate examples of defining themselves with this newest release.  “Angel Bomb” is a unique song with its short staccato clean jabs against the always-carving-its-own-path bass that transitions into the dulled effect of the vocal presence here and the idea works well.  A bit lulled as far as a whole listen, but moments of reward are plentiful for your patience.