Review: Martyr A.D.

Martyr A.D.
““The Human Condition In Twelve Fractions””
(Ferret Music)

The first full song, “Broken Mouth” is the guitar equivalent of having a belt sander grind on your skull to the beat while you stuff uncomfortable pointy objects down your pants.  Metal chick of a bassplayer that out rocks the rest of the band.  Never repeating, always crushing.  Erratic arrangements and thick drums, and always all upside your head.  Hard.  The vocals are the equivalent of cookie monster on a 5-day Chips Ahoy withdrawal.  Cool enough if you have a forgiving mentality with hardcore vocals, but Michael Fisketti is the least dynamic element here.  Great lyrics.  Oppressive angst.  Fuck all those who have done us wrong.  The bass could use some more room to move around, but respect the guitar attack.  RESPECT.  Bred from the wreckage of Disembodied and hailing from the coolest Midwest city, Minneapolis.  This whole release is attack after attack of hardcore-based metal and easily among the preferred.  And with a cover that you need to fold out completely to see the bloodied pigs heads (who wouldn’’t want to see a collage of bloodied pigs heads?), a nod to the need for full-blown CD art.  To compliment the full-blown loss of hearing this may cause.