Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Machine” EP
(Touch and Go)

This EP starts out so fucking cool. “Machine”, the opening track, is a rad song with cool guitar sounds and mid tempo drumming that makes me think of… something. A band fronted by a woman! They’ve got this dirty layer so it sounds cheaply produced, but you can’t fool me. This is new wave-ish in the sence that yeah, that genre was creative and all but bleh, I’m bored already. You had me at “Machine”; now your ruining it with “Graveyard”. If you dig pedal-ed girl vocals, no bass guitar (something this band could use) and this band’s attempt at resurrecting the TOTAL GENIUS of new wave grit, then you are a freak. Or you will like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’m torn, since this is an EP and three songs don’t exactly give me too much to go on.