Review: Oil

Various Artists
(Thick Records)

Wow! What we have here my cool motha fuckas is a 19 track record of some of the finest underground Chicago bands of the day.  To top it off the whole album was recorded in an old oil blending factory during a 16 day stint.  It’s unbelievable to hear so many independent musicians playing together and supporting one another’s cause (especially indie bands).  I jump out of my chair and do some jumping jacks when Rise Against jumps on with the first track.  That band is definitely going somewhere in punk music.  By the time Alkaline Trio pelts out one of their power-pop masterpieces on the third track and Duvall shows that the Smoking Popes are living vicariously under another name I smile and think about all the great bands I have yet to hear.

I really like the new wave sound of The Arrivals’ “Pangea”.  Then, once again Tim Kinsella and company blow my mind yet again with the masterful and complicated Owls track “We are the Owls” (to which I reply, you sure the fuck are!).  The Plain White T’s also contribute a fairly good track “Bruises” from their first album.  Then a fitting closing track is contributed by Hey Mercedes front man Robert Nanna (from his The City On Film side project – you should check out the 7”).  No one can finish a record like the new American classic Bob Nanna.  Other bands featured include The Matics, Bitchy, Check Engine, Local H (great track!), The Reputation, Detachment Kit, The Tossers, Tom Daily, The Ghost, Lawrence Arms, The Dishes, and Haymarket Riot.  Highly recommended.