Review: The Turbo A.C.’s

The Turbo A.C.’s
(Gearhead Records)

I have to admit a really fucked thing just happened to me while I was listening to  “Automatic”.   I was gathering my thoughts on the Turbo A.C’s, while at the same time staring at a cup of water that has doubled as an ashtray for weeks.  The water looks like carmel and has the consistancy of jello, ash sitting on the bottom, butts on top.  It’s fuckin’ nasty.

All of a sudden “Future” plays, the chorus “I can see the future!  this is your future!” is screamed whilst I stare.  I thought several things, one: my lungs probably look like hell.  two:  is that really what my future looks like?  three: The Tubro A.C.’s aren’t bad for a modern punk band.  Drivey poppy punk with a slight twang on the guitar, raspy vocals, and well placed samples.  If you’re into the whole Offspring, Lagwagon movement check it out.  I’m gonna get a smoke and think about my life.