Review: Ticker Tape Parade  

Ticker Tape Parade
““You’’re Causing a Scene””
(Sunset Alliance)

Judging from the front cover of this album one gets the impression that “Ticker Tape Parade” would be a Dishwalla type rock group.  From listening to the CD, one finds out that this is closer to the truth then they thought.  What you get is a band whose sound blurs the borders between Jimmy Eat World and New Found Glory; in fact, they sound exactly like them.

Five clever musicians make up this rock quintet from Arizona who seem to have found the knack in the music market that has already been explored many times over.  Don’’t get me wrong, “You’’re Causing a Scene” is not a bad album, it is just a mixture of musical styles and themes that have been done to death.  “

Ticker Tape Parade” definitely has the potential to make it big (since the general listening public likes to be inundated with the same thing over and over again) and with the right backing might just make it before the “public” decides to move on from this type of music.