Review: Three 6 Mafia “Da Unbreakables”



Three 6 Mafia
“Da Unbreakables”

“Ima get my chief on/ while she sucks my ding dong/ eyes like a ching chong/ hard on like King Kong.” Fuckin’ amazing! Do you know about the Sizzerpp? The Syyzzzrrrpppp? Down South they like to drink liquid codeine (or Tylenol w/codeine). Sometimes they mix it with some juice. Sometimes they put some “Jolly Ranchers/ man that shit be good as fuck”, in with the syzrp. Now, if Speed and Ecstasy are responsible for Techno and Rave parties, then imagine what a party is like when everyone is “sippin on some syrup”. How could you holler at honey dips if you are leaning against the wall drooling on yourself? I felt like I was going to conk out listening to this album, which is definitely the equivalent of Audio Syzrp. Good thing the bass is hittin like a muhfucka to keep you awake. This shit is SO GANGSTER; it’ll have your Loc’s jumping from your face, and runnin’ back to the liquor store where you bought ’em. They got a song dedicated to a sack of weed, which is made up of three different strains of weed, and they call it “Bin Laden Weed”. Slow and Rock Solid. If “Da Unbreakables” wasn’t slow enough for you, check the DJ Screw style remix version “Chopped & Screwed”. Those crazy bastards down there got that Southern Hip-Hop formula down to mastery and anything you hear on the radio that’s Crunk Gangsta; owe a whole Cadillac trunk-load of thanks to these project pioneers. But really folks, codeine isn’t really something you want to be partying with, unless you’re ROCKIN the latest Three 6 Mafia…and making it real Crunk…and keepin’ it REAL Gangster.