Review: The Used

The Used
(Warner Brothers)

So yeah, these guys have a music video and songs on the radio, but I’ve never heard (of) them. What has this CD taught me? Take everything you can learn from bands like Thrice, Glassjaw, Thursday and Midtown; now you’ve got what it takes to make a band that doesn’t mimic but define a alt-something musical genre. Add some Ross Robinson-sounding drumming, that normal/screamy vocals thing that’s getting so popular and you’ve got The Used.

The big single is “Box Full of Sharp Objects” and it’s a perfect medium of The Used; this is what to expect. Pretty heartfelt, not as (for lack of better words) abstract as a band like the Blood Brothers but will definitely fit neatly into the fanny pack of fans of this genre. I’m sure this guy (vocalist Bert, who is currently poking Kelly Osbourne daughter) has the kids in front crying the lyrics out with him at shows. With twelve tracks on this release and no real stinkers, it’s definitely a decent purchase for those fans, although

I had to spin this album at least two dozen times before I could swallow it completely. That, and it’s a little bit embarrassing listening to this at the Modern Fix pad, ‘cuz it’s not very cool or something. Bushman actually came by while I was listening to it and doing this review, and said “so this is The Used?” and then laughed at me, murmuring something about my sexual preference. Fuck you, Mr. Bushman. Fuck you.