Review: The Soviettes

The Soviettes
““LP II””
(Adeline Records)

Improving on that currently popular garage rock sound, The Soviettes shred their power chord assaults and clever bass and drum tangos upon the masses with LP II.  In addition, they single handedly altered my impression of female vocals.  Everyone in the band, 50% boys and 50% girls, sings – the majority from the latter.  But don’t let that cliché enter your mind either, because they are much more than a throwback-to-garage-bands-with-girl-singers-who-dress-like-hipsters…band.  Versatility makes repeated cameos on LP II, especially on “Tonight” where the mold is broken to reveal quite a different approach.  The mood is softened and the track pierces the listener in a way decidedly separate from the six or eight songs sandwiched before and after it.  Unfortunately, its sobering lyrics and melody are over as quickly as they came and the onslaught ensues.  Thankfully, the onslaught is good, very good.