Review: The Silence

The Silence
“Audio Alchemy”

I try to be thankful for New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and the rest of the pop-punkers. I don’t like the music, but it is a step in the right direction from all the rap-metal and teenie-bop floating over the airwaves. Even if it is shitty punk, at least it is punk. But then The Silence comes along and I realize it is OK to hate NFG. I don’t have to appreciate Good Charlotte or Simple Plan. Good punk is still out there and with extreme guerrilla marketing the kids are hearing it. The Silence is not signed to any label, but they have their own army.

The corporate music world hasn’t heard them, but over 30,000 kids have their CD. They are a shining example of DIY and having great music is just a bonus on top. The Silence incorporates hardcore, emo, punk, indie and everything in between to create a solid mix of genres. Their blend of music fits together better than the red light district and window shopping. Their debut album is a sleek machine that knows where it is going and knows what it needs to do to get there.

Singer/screamer Steve Juliano says that he “could not care less if kids think we are punk rock or hardcore or whatever. I care that the songs are good.” Forgetting about the image and focusing on the songs has created one of the strongest albums of the year. Who cares about the right tattoos and blue hair when the music is this good? By spanning so many genres The Silence can rope in a much bigger listening audience. That bigger audience will eventually lead to some big crowds for The Silence and, most likely, some major label recognition. So Silence, if you are ever on stage with Benji after you go big, let him know he doesn’t have my blessing anymore or kick him in the teeth. Your choice.