Review: The Explosion

The Explosion
“Red Tape” EP

There has to be a place for solid punk-rock songs with a rock twist.  The Explosion brings the power of rock full force with their “Red Tape” EP.  I miss the days when bands would rock your ass off with their songs, make you dance and then want to make out with some dirty slut at the bar. ‘Here I Am’ is easily better than any of the songs on your “Punk-O-Rama” CDs, while ‘The Drawback’ has that wonderful dirty-punk sound in the guitars making it all the better.  Think of The Clash but less political and drinking way more beer; if you’ve ever seen the movie Hardcore Logo you know what I’m talking about.  Sure there are only 3-songs to this album but they fucking rock and that’s really all that matters.  The Explosion; for those about to rock we salute you.