Review: The Break

The Break
(Doghouse Records)

It took me a long time to figure out who this reminded me of. When i finally remembered, I couldn’t get the similarity out of my head. More rock than punk, but ‘punk’ nonetheless, this New Jersey five piece play a modern mix of emotion and energy, fashioning an infectious 13 song debut that’s sure to grab the attention of more than a few. Not to suggest these boys have come up with anything new or different. Just good. Deceptively poppy, and good. The fact that 80 percent of this band come from the ashes of the talented Radar Mercury helps to explain the quality and skill of the musicianship, while equal parts rhythm and melody explain the catchiness. Incredible production could most likely be helping this out as well. Almost imperceptible hand claps hide on ‘Father. Mother, Convict’, while gang backups burst out of ‘Live a Secret’ and ‘The Distraction’ which also features the sweet jangle of tambourines. Their politely aggressive approach is bolstered by two loud and hooky guitars, smooth, driving bass, and rock steady drumming. And the attractively raspy vocal style of new-found John Waverka is sure to launch the intense and heartfelt lyrics right into your subconscious. With the amount of passion and intensity demonstrated here, The Break could do exactly what their name suggests. Just don’t tell anyone they sound like Samiam.