Review: Stinkaholic


Ever keep listening to an awful CD, just to see how bad it can get?  I am eight tracks deep on this abomination and yet I just can’t make myself hit the EJECT button… twelve tracks… oh God, fifteen tracks… OK, this has just got to stop.  Whoo, I feel much better now.  “Pantomime” consists of a woeful twenty-eight tracks, all of which sound like a hybrid of Primus-meets-the-Vandals-meets-a-bowl-full-of-Ritalin-mixed-with-Adderall.

Led by tinny guitars and a sloppy, quasi-punk attitude, Stinkaholic will take your time and your sanity, leaving your mouth a gape and your brain hurting.  The annoying factor is cranked all the way to eleven on this album, where every bad studio effect is employed ad nauseum.  Want crappy slow motion recordings?  Check.  Stupid echo effects?  Got ’em.  Stretch all this out over almost thirty tracks and you’ve got an album so bad you can’t keep your ears off of it.