Review: Spoken

“A Moment of Imperfect Clarity”
(Tooth and Nail)

Spoken is approaching its 10 year anniversary. They have been together since 1996 and grown up a lot in ten years. From rap metal to angry indie rock Spoken has kept their work ethic and fans in tact. A Moment of Imperfect Clarity catches the five members stepping their progression up another notch
and wrenching out 11 songs perfect for driving with, studying with or just sitting with. If all the pop-punkers accomplished the sound they should be going for, they would be Spoken.

There is no bubble-gum here, just straight forward rock tinted with enough emotion to grab new listeners and keep old ones. Imagine Alkaline Trio jamming with Toad the Wet Sprocket (Toad the Wet Sprocket was the sheeit back in the day). Matt Baird’s vocals flow over the musical foundation under him like a stream over rocks.

His expressiveness keeps each song, each verse, each line fresh and the disc is easy to listen to from one end to the other. If Spoken is here another 10 years and can improve on the sound they have here, they will be alone at the top. Their trend for change has been good to them so far and hopefully they keep it up.