Review: Somehow Hollow

Somehow Hollow
““Busted Wings & Rusted Halos””
(Victory Records)

I’m sorry, this sounds nothing like a Victory band.  What happened to the hardcore?  I looked at the back of the disk and the first thing I thought was hardcore, but that’s not what I get.  Talk about a guy who appears to be something he’s not, I was just watching that disgusting special about Michael Jackson and him trying to say he’s worth over a billion dollars and that he didn’’t get any plastic surgery except for his nose.  There’s a man with some serious problems.

Okay focus, for all of you hung up in that melodic sound reminiscent of New Found Glory or other pop acts will really dig these guys.  Maybe that is why Victory signed a band like this because they are actually very good for the genre and there is definitely an audience for this type of thing.  As an operation, the vocal harmonies and guitar riffs are not too shabby.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone into popular culture but not just any indie junkie.  I guess when it all comes down to it everything’s been done before.