Review: Smackin’ Isiah

Smackin’ Isiah
“The Champagne of Bands”
(Fork in Hand Records)

I don’t know what happened. I do remember picking up the CD, almost a bit hesitant because of my past experience with this very album; yet i stuck it in my computer and waited for the CD player thingy to open up on the screen. My roommate was cooking some food like six feet away (my computer is next to the kitchen), so i put on the headphones, fired up a bowl and stared for at the computer screen for 14 minutes and fifty eight seconds. This is a great album to fit in where you need some FYP-style punk. Not only is there blistering punk guitar and drums, but the songs actually have some context. When “Hell or Highwater” poured into my ears, i just sat there, chin on the bong and staring at the half burnt nugg in the bowl. Yeah, i lay transfixed for three minutes, when the song finished and snapped me out of it. Very good, albiet short release by a band that needs your love. Worth looking into.